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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When To Hire A Plumber

It is important to hire a plumber to help save you money in the long run and prevent further damage from occurring.

Here are some possible problems which GreenTeam Plumbing can help you with:

  • Low water pressure throughout the house: This problem can be caused by a number of factors, such as obstructions (rust or debris) in the water lines; low water pressure from the city supply or a well; or even poor supply-line design. 
  • No hot water: Many issues could be happening inside the water heater such as broken heating elements, circuit breakers or blown fuses, faulty thermostats, or a bad overload switch. Or, the hot water tank could be leaking.
  • Replacing a water heater: Think twice before attempting to replace a heater by yourself. Remember, we can carry your new water heater in, hook it up, and make sure that it works properly.
  • Sewer line stoppage: If you can't get the sewer line to stop backing up, you probably have a bad plug in the line that runs out to the main sewer. (Tree roots are often the cause.) 

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