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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Backflow Preventer Project!

A backflow preventer is a machine used to protect water from contamination. Water is normally provided to the pipes in our homes and buildings at a significant pressure. If extreme conditions occur and water pressure drops significantly the pressure in the pipe will be reduced, possibly allowing polluted water from the ground to enter our water supply. This is where the backflow preventer comes in handy, preventing this type of contamination. You can see what an important device this is for our buildings and water supply!

Recently, there has been an increase in backflow preventer theft. They are being stolen from properties and being sold as scrap metal. We have come across such an incident at a Kidney Dialysis facility in Davie, Fl. When we arrived at the location, this is what we found:

We got to work immediately, installing a new backflow preventer for the facility. 

Here you can see the foundation and basic installation of the backflow preventer. 

As an added precaution, we installed a safety cage so the system cannot be disturbed. 

The cage is bolted down with special bolts to ensure this system can't be stolen. 

And finally, we included a strong lock so that only those who are supposed to have access can get to it. 

This is a project Greenteam Plumbing is definitely proud of!

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