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Monday, July 11, 2011

Plumbing Vocabulary - Part 1

When dealing with plumbing, knowing what the parts are and what the plumbing terms mean can make a big difference in getting the job done correctly and efficiently!

Here are some key terms and definitions to help!

Useful wordsMeaning
AirlockAn obstruction to the flow of liquid in a pipe (noun)
Airlocks often occur when a radiator is taken off for redecorating and then replaced.
ApplianceDevice or equipment for a specific task (noun)
Washing machines can be found in the electrical appliances department.
BallvalveA valve which responds to changes in fluid pressure (noun)
The ballvalve in the cistern was repaired by replacing the washer.
BlockageAn obstruction (noun)
Nadia removed the blockage in the pipe by using a plunger.
Central heating systemA system designed to heat a building (noun)
The old house was very cold in winter because it did not have a central heating system.
CisternA tank for storing water (noun)
A cistern is usually connected to a toilet.
Combination boilerA boiler that provides both central heating and instant hot water (noun)
Combination boilers are best suited to smaller houses.
ConsumablesItems to be used and then thrown away after use (noun)
Washers and other consumables were kept in the store room.
CorrosionWearing something away (noun)
Leaks in radiators can occur as a result of corrosion.
CylinderA tank for hot water (noun)
Cylinders are usually insulated and supply domestic hot water.
DiameterThe width of something, especially something round or cylindrical (noun)
Josie measured the diameter of the pipe.
DrainageA system that channels away water or sewage (noun)
The bad smell had been caused by a block in the drainage.
EstimateTo give an educated guess or approximation (verb)
The plumber estimated that labour costs would be about £300.
ExpandEnlarge, get bigger (noun)
Plastic pipes expand when hot.
FaultA defect, when something is not working properly (noun)
The washing machine could not be plumbed in because it had an electrical fault.
HacksawA small hand tool (noun)
A hacksaw is used to cut metal.
HSEHealth and Safety Executive (abbreviation)
HSE inspectors have wide powers to assist them enforce safety legislation.
InstallationThe fixing or establishing of something (noun)
The plumbing installation was going to take about two weeks.
InflammableEasily set on fire (adjective)
When using a blowlamp care should be taken to protect inflammable surfaces.
JointsThe place where parts are joined (noun)
If a joint in the pipework develops a leak you will need to make repairs.
LeakAccidental escape of liquid (noun)
The radiator leaked as a result of corrosion.
MeasurementsDimensions, the size of something (noun)
The drawing showed measurements to the exact millimetre.
Millimetre (mm)A unit of metric measure of length (noun)
There are one thousand millimetres in a metre.

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Source: Skillwise

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