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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Water Leak in Your Condo - Who Pays?

When a water leak occurs in your condo, who should pay a professional to determine whether it is coming from an owner's pipe or one that is in a common area - you or the condo board?

You may have to contact your association to find out, as the answer varies by case. The first step is requesting an inspection and contacting your insurance company to determine
The answer may be different for each case. The clear answer is what should be done immediately: Contact your association and request an inspection and contact your insurance company to find out if your policy will cover the cost of a professional inspection.

The next step is locating the source of the leak. Typically, if the source of the leak is within a unit and the owner is not maintaining the property according to association guidelines, the owner will most likely be responsible. If the leak is occurring in a common area such as a pool, the responsibility may fall on the association. 

Wherever responsibility lies, you must contact your homeowner's insurance company immediately. Failure to do so can result in denial of coverage later. Be sure to also notify the condo association immediately and alert them that action needs to be taken immediately. As an extra precaution make sure that all correspondence is in writing and pictures are taken of the damage for your records.

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Source: Sun-Sentinel


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