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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How to Choose a Toilet

There is much more to choosing a toilet than simply appearance. The following tips should help!

  • Choose your flush power - higher flush ratings mean better waste removal and clog resistance.
  • Choose your bowl shape - elongated bowls provide more comfort, but round bowls require less space. 
  • Select your toilet height - standard toilets are 15-16 inches in height, those 16-17 inch toilets are becoming more popular and are easier for handicapped individuals to use. 
  • Choose your design -
    • Two-Piece Designs - the tank and the bowl are separate. This design is the most common.
    • One-Piece Designs - the tank and the bowl are fused together. This makes for a nice appearance but can be harder to clean.
    • Wall Mounted Designs - eliminates the need for a toilet base. Easy to clean, but may be more expensive. 
  • Choose your toilet seat, cover and other decorative add-ons!
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